The Yoga Tree Cheshire joins the fight... against plastics pollution! #savetheplanet

Tree Tribe community you can help !

The Yoga Tree Cheshire is joining the fight against plastic pollution!

Plastic pollution has hit public consciousness in a big way and so it should! As David Attenborough urges us “we must act now to protect our planet from the deadly threat of plastic”

From the beginning of April we kindly request that NO SINGLE-USE plastic bottles enter the studio. We send bags of bottles to the recycling bin each month hoping that they will actually BE recycled. Instead, we urge you to purchase a re-usable bottle!

We are selling Yoga Tree glass bottles here at the studio!

£1 of each sale going to the Congleton Sustainability Group!

Congleton Sustainability Group (CSG):

Aims to raise awareness of the issues associated with the challenge of climate change and the consequent need to develop a low carbon, sustainable future through ethical, social, cultural, economic, environmental and community action to promote, encourage and support the development of education and research concerning areas affected by resource depletion.

Congleton Sustainability Group is made up of 7 sub-groups, each sub-group has its own committee and volunteers. One of which is The Old Saw Mill’s Apple Juice and Cider, turning windfall apples, kindly donated by the local community and beyond, into Apple Juice and Cider.

Why glass?

Like so many of you, I have been profoundly moved by David Attenborough’s Blue Planet programme and heartfelt plea to the world to cut back on its use of plastic in order to protect our oceans.

  • Glass is better for the planet: made from all-natural, sustainable raw materials, glass is 100% recyclable and can be reused endlessly

  • Glass doesn’t leach harmful chemicals like plastics do

  • Glass bottles last a lot longer than plastic alternatives

  • Plastic bottles leach harmful chemicals into the air during production

  • Glass is also easier to clean than plastic

  • Everything tastes better in glass and stays cooler!

  • In the UK alone, we use 13 billion plastic bottles every year — and 7.5 billion of these end up in landfill, being incinerated or making their way into our oceans- accounting for a third of all plastic pollution in the sea

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