Baby Yoga


Thursdays 11-12pm Yoga Tree Studio, Glebe Farm CW12 4RQ
Thursdays 2-3pm Yoga Tree Studio

Suitable from 12 weeks

£40 5 week course-

includes online video to follow at home and sensory scarf!

These classes are designed for Mums and babies to practice together.

These fun and flexible classes include postures and sequences for you to practice with your baby to increase the bond between you, to develop confidence in handling and playing with your baby and for you to regain physical strength and energy!

Post-natal Yoga benefits for you include:
• Regain strength in the pelvic and abdominal area.
• Strengthen lower back muscles.
• Tone the body back into alignment.
• Relax and recharge!


Baby Benefits: 
• Strengthens neck and back to aid rolling/sitting/crawling.
• Increases balance.
• Improves motor co-ordination.
• Promotes play and interaction with others.
• Calms, soothes and promotes good sleeping patterns.
• Aids digestion and alleviates colic and constipation.
• Strengthens immune system and stimulates endorphins.

I am a certified Birthlight Baby Yoga instructor