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Claire Missingham's Yoga School 300H Advanced Training in Traditional Yoga (2019)

Claire Missingham Vinyasa Flow Yoga School

200 Hour Teacher Training Programme with Outstanding. (May 2014)

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Victoria Beech

Creator and founder of the Yoga Tree Studio

The practice of yoga and mindfulness has been my guide through life’s transitions. Yoga has taught me acceptance and inner peace and given me energy and perspective. Being on the mat is my happy place, my sanctuary and a celebration of body, mind and soul. Transferring those feelings off the mat is the true gift and in short, the practice of yoga has truly transformed my life! It’s a joy I feel compelled to share with others and why I created the Yoga Tree; a space where people of all ages can come together and enjoy the many remarkable benefits of yoga.


I have been teaching Yoga for almost twenty years. In 2014 I graduated with ‘outstanding’ from Claire Missingham’s internationally recognised 200 hour teacher training, specifically in the Vinaysa tradition and in 2019 I graduated from Claire's 300H Advanced Leadership teacher training in Traditional Yoga and sacred practises.


I regularly attend intensives, immersions and workshops to inspire me on my spiritual journey and deepen my own practice. I recently completed an meditation training in the Foundations in Teaching Mindfulness Meditation and weave these teachings into my classes.

I lead weekly vinyasa and hatha yoga classes that are thoughtfully themed and layered with: music, essential oils, massage and assists for you to enjoy a sensory yoga experience.


I teach with passion and compassion and my sacred intention is for every yogi to leave the Tree feeling energised, renewed and inspired.

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Donna Simpson

My journey began as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. More recently though, I craved teaching a deeper practice that encompassed mind and body. I discovered yoga 20 years ago and I decided to train to teach in 2012. I received my  200hr Yoga Alliance certificate  from the Sivananda Centre in 2013 and I have been influenced by the Mindfulness teachings of  Dr Elliot Cohen. I teach Hatha Holistic Yoga for Beginners and Improvers.

Expect a mind and body practice to improve flexibility, balance and calm the mind.

Please contact Donna with enquiries: 07453 595533

Calum Thomson

I found yoga 10 years ago when I reached a point in my life where I needed to make serious life changes. Throughout the first few years I attended classes with Maxine Thomas, each time leaving a little lighter and a little taller - from these moments I knew this practice would help me heal, open and strengthen my body. I spent the next couple of years as a student of Charles Baxter who opened my eyes to the practice of the Ashtanga (8 limb) system - here is where a spark went off and a passion for Samkhya philosophy grew. Around this time I also found a new style of Yoga , the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa.


I attended Matt Ryan's classes for a brief time, it was here that I fell head over heels for the practice. I practiced The Ashtanga Primary and introduction to intermediate for two years before my first visit to Mysore in 2014 to practice with Sharath Jois, here I extended my trip to complete a 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa Ttc with Vijay Amar at Universal yoga. In 2016 I began teaching in Manchester, Salford, Chester and Sandbach.


It was during this time I began to practice at the yoga tree as Victoria's student when she introduced me to Nabs Hadi who ignited the passion to go deeper into the Ashtanga Vinyasa method taking me deeper into the intermediate series. I later returned to India in 2018 to complete my 500H Ashtanga Vinyasa training with Vijay Amar and completed the further training to give me the knowledge and confidence to guide students through the Intermediate series. I continue to be a dedicated student of both Nabs Hadi and Vijay Amar and looks forward to learning from them annually moving forward. My classes are focused on breath, alignment and drishti. The classes are as hard as the effort you put in but for those who like to be challenged, variations are given. I strive in each session for my students to reach their potentials in their Ashtanga yoga practice.



Julie Cosgrove

I am absolutely delighted to be asked to teach at the Yoga Tree and become part of this fantastic family.

I graduated with a Masters level in Reiki healing in 2009  and I have successfully taught and coached many happy students in this art .

My own Yoga journey began at The Tree in 2014 and I have practised at least 3 times per week since.

As the Mother of an 8 year old boy who is on the Autism spectrum the mixture of Yoga, Meditation and Reiki has helped him immensely. It calms him and reassures him when situations get difficult. It is fair to say it has helped me and the rest of our family also.

I came to the realisation that this is where I am at my happiest, with children, and being able to give them something that may support them for the rest of their lives. 

I will have completed my course in Children’s Yoga and Meditation with Chrysalis Yoga in October and look forward to welcoming your children to our wonderful practice.

I love my job and I am sure we can all have a lot of fun learning together!


Any questions or enquiries please email  :


Jacqui Longley

My passion for yoga began as a student in my late teens preceded by my dedication to martial arts.

During my study and practice of martial art, I dipped in and out of the internal arts of yoga and Tai Chi connecting on a subliminal level the nuance of these practices.

Throughout my adulthood yoga has always been a constant, enhancing and influencing my career as a health care professional in both traditional, complimentary and holistic medicine.

On my yoga journey, I have practiced and explored many different forms and approaches to yoga and taken many workshops and trainings that include Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Hatha disciplines.

Through my own yoga practice and as a former Midwife my journey has taken me to be privileged to teach pregnancy yoga following my teacher training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.

In recent years, pregnancy yoga has become very popular. Together we hold a clear open, welcome space welcoming you and your unborn baby/ies with respect and sensitivity, to achieve a good balance between the focus on yoga practice, and respectful welcoming of women’s emotional states. .

I aim to teach a full range of holistic yoga techniques (not just postures) that enhance a woman's

physical experience of pregnancy as a preparation for motherhood. This includes asana (postures)

with a wide range of modified postures designed to support and enhance a women’s experience of

pregnancy and birth. I also include many subtle yoga practices relating to deep relaxation, sound and

breath practices that are not widely taught elsewhere, nourishing and informative helping to

understand  both the physical and spiritual basis  of yoga in the context of the emotional journey

towards birth and motherhood.                     

The class is open to those with previous yoga experience and those who are new to yoga.



Beth Thomas

Beth came to yoga as a compliment to other pursuits such as climbing and mountaineering but soon found the practice had its own immeasurable benefits not only to her body but also her mind. After several years of practice  she decided to deepen her knowledge and travelled to India to gain her 200hr training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa. She studied traditional Indian yogic philosophy under Sudhir Rishi which opened her mind to more than just the physical asanas that are commonly practiced in the western world. She continued to travel on to practice and teach in Thailand, New Zealand and Peru.

Beth  loves bringing people of all backgrounds  together on the mat. Her classes are suitable for beginners through to more experienced yogis and her style is fun, dynamic and mindful.



Rachel Goodby

Yoga has always been part of my life and allows me to connect with, understand, sustain and improve my physical, mental and emotional well-being and my yogic learning has been - and continues to be – an ongoing life-long exploration of this ancient practice and all it offers and The Yoga Tree plays a large part for me both as a student and a teacher.

I completed my 500hr Teacher Training with AtYoga, and throughout this has provided a holistic exploration of how yoga can open our bodies so that we move with grace and ease, allow us to find peace of mind, lift our spirits and provide us with tools to welcome calm and compassion into our lives and heal ourselves from negative experiences.

I teach hatha yoga and vinyasa classes and provide a balanced practice that both strengthens and relaxes.  I focus on combining the power of the breath with physical movement and our own emotional intelligence to provide a safe space in which to connect with yourself and others away from daily distractions and explore how your body works at all levels.

Expect to feel more open, lighter, calmer, peaceful and rejuvenated as a result and I look forward to sharing this ancient practice with you.



Vera Dukek

I came to yoga via my gym where I was sent by a massage therapist to do Pilates.
I soon knew that I could find a lot of strength and peace through practice (I tried everything I could get my hands on) which came to a whole new level when I dared to book a private lesson with Nabs Hadi and found myself thrown in at the deep end of ashtanga. The first of many and I am so grateful.
Sometimes I feel that we were made for each other and at other times I hear my body shout for a whole practice: why are we doing this?
And this is the beauty of yoga- the journey.
The repeat. The learning. And the deep deep joy.
I had a wee operation in my face last year and only halfway through I realised that the panic when needles come towards me stayed away because I was breathing. I blame yoga.
It seemed inevitable to become a teacher, however I struggled with it big time, I consider myself a good student and there is so much to learn- no way can I teach. I learned that one doesn’t exclude the other, rather the opposite.
I will always be learning, searching, come join me and let’s walk this walk together.

I will be teaching yin yoga at the Yoga Tree.
It might be the complete opposite of what you expect yoga to be and that is fine. Yin is the opposite of yang, it is calm, passive, nurturing and well - different.
We will hold postures between 1 and 7 minutes approximately, we will strengthen joints, ligaments, fascia and tendons and leave the muscles completely at the side. Sounds easy? Don’t be fooled, you won’t sweat but the practice goes very deep.




Sarah Mellor

Personal Bio

I’ve had a strong passion for dance and movement since I was a little child. After studying Dance as an undergraduate, I chose to combine this love with my desire to work with young people, so I embarked upon a PGCE in Dance Education. I have now been teaching Performing Arts in secondary schools for 8 years, in which time I have learned how teenagers face huge pressures, such as school, exams, friendship issues and social media expectations. Yet, many teenagers haven’t developed an awareness of how to cope with the negative emotions these pressures can bring. 

After discovering the soothing effects that Yoga can have on the body and mind, I wish to create a space for teenagers to feel safe and calm, along with developing a personal toolkit for managing stress and unwanted emotions. My classes have three core aims;

  • Teach young people how to cope with anxiety and stress through yoga and mindfulness 

  • Develop their sense of self-worth and confidence

  • Encourage them to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle- physically and mentally.

Fully CRB checked and insured. 

For more information, please contact:

07745 662895

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Kim Taylor

I have been attending classes, for both myself and my children, at The Yoga Tree for many years so am honoured to be joining this wonderful tribe.

My yoga journey began 20 years ago at the age of 14, when it was recommended to help me cope with exam and school stress. Over the past 20 years I have practised yoga in one form or another, and have always been amazed at how its helped me on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Following the birth of my 3 children, I attended baby yoga and toddler yoga classes with them, and saw how amazing yoga is for babies and children of all ages. My children, now at 10ys, 8yrs and 3yrs old, all love rolling out their yoga mats and practising together.

I graduated as a primary school teacher in 2011 and, whilst I thoroughly enjoy teaching children, I struggled with the school environment and the expectations and pressures placed on the children. So after a nudge in the right direction, I decided to combine my 2 passions, teaching children and yoga. I will be delivering Young Yogis for ages 4-7yrs here at The Yoga Tree. The classes allow children to explore yoga in a fun and accessible way, including asana, pranayama, relaxation, stories, songs, themes and games. 


For more information please email or search Breathe n’ Bee Yoga on Facebook



Rachel Bilski


Rachel became dedicated to yoga and mindfulness after a life-changing meditation retreat helped her to shift out of chronic depression and anxiety. After years of combining her passions for travel and yoga at intensive retreats across Europe and Asia, Rachel headed to India for her first TTC and fell deeply in love with teaching. She has since attended trainings in mindfulness, anatomy and specialised Yoga Therapy, and is currently undertaking a diploma with the Minded Institute in London to become a certified Yoga Therapist. 


Rachel’s adventures with yoga have led her to host retreats in Portugal, manage a Yoga Studio in Vietnam and teach at an integral yoga and meditation centre in Cambodia. She also writes regularly for, and co-founded Shanti Niwas in 2017, a yoga collaborative holding retreats and workshops in Portugal and the UK. Born and raised in Congleton, Rachel is excited to be back and to share her skills with the local community. 


Rachel takes an integrative, therapeutic and holistic approach to yoga, teaching skills which can be employed both on and off the mat - always balanced with a splash of playfulness! She sees yoga as a way of life; a practical tool which not only improves health and wellbeing, but can help people to live mindfully and with purpose. 

For more information contact:



Jill Young

Jill started dancing aged 4 at Congleton Ballet School owned and run by her Mother Katrina Sheldon, following vocational theatre training when she graduated with Honours in Advanced across the board and with Distinctions in teaching qualifications, she went on to dance and perform professionally both in Commercial and Rep Theatres, working in TV and Film but always continuing to teach between contracts both within CBS, at the Hammond School in Chester and as guest teacher for many other schools.  Demonstrating often for the Royal Academy of Dance and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance at their London HQ.

Still performing as a professional actor and storyteller, as a Celebrant and with a ‘day job’ at Tatton Park, Jill has never stopped learning and developing her passion for ‘the body and movement’ – adapting her own practices and sharing skills with others as the years roll past!

Jill continues to work as a freelance practitioner to all ages and abilities, taking workshops and collaborating with other theatre practitioners and proudly running, as Co-Director with daughter Hannah Evans, the Theatre Company ‘Act It Out CIC’ based in Congleton, 

On the very rare occasions Jill is not working she loves nothing better than immersion in nature, walking with the family ‘beardy’, helping Hannah and Son In law Ric in their business, practicing Yoga and continuing to explore all things historical!

Having taught Dance and Exercise classes for over 40 years, Jill continues to study and is now discovering and expanding her knowledge on the impact of stress on the body mentally and physically, the use of breath and mindfulness and, having trained in the provision of mental health/ wellbeing and bereavement counselling, a new ‘episode’ of life is opening up as a new decade is approaching. Jill is thrilled to be joining the ‘Tree’ as an instructor for the Mindful Movement sessions