Beginners Yoga

Allow yourself to be a beginner, no-one starts out being excellent

The Hatha Yoga classes (including Hot Hatha Yoga) are a great place to start if you are new to yoga.  

Hatha Yoga is a branch of Yoga that combines deep breathing with stretching and holding the asanas (postures). Within each of the asanas and sequences are variations to suit everyone so that you can tailor the practice to enjoy a gentle or more challenging practice.

Classes are very friendly and relaxed and have a mixture of age, gender and ability. We will always make you feel welcome and supported, offering modifications and cues where necessary.


Enjoy- Improved posture
Expand your lung capacity
Enjoy freedom of movement
Relax Deeply

Classes include Pranayama (breath awareness techniques) asanas and sequences. Each class closes with a relaxation/meditation. I offer confident hand-on assists and adjustments to help students reach their potential in the asanas and I’m also trained in Thai Yoga massage, which I infuse into my classes. I offer a holistic, healing massage in sarvasana to everyone.

You will begin to notice almost immediately, improvements in strength, flexibility and postural alignment. Hatha classes will allow you to realise the ‘relaxation response’ to recharge and regenerate yourself and these classes give the opportunity for you to discover your hidden physical, mental and healing potentials.

Other benefits–

• Strengthened respiratory system
• Increased powers of concentration and vitality
• Regulated internal organs
• Balanced systems of the body
• Inner peace


 Let your goal be to progress not perfect – Victoria Beech

The regular practice of Yoga will positively influence all aspects of your life!