Childbirth Preparation and Hypnobirthing for a positive and active birth 

(Workshops take place every 4-6 weeks)

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Enhance the experience of your baby's birth

This comprehensive, practical and interactive workshop is enlightening, fun and informal. It offers you and your partner/birthing partner an overview of what to expect from labour and will enable you to relax, feel confident and be prepared for the birth of your baby.

We will explore:

  • the first signs of labour

  • the natural physiology of labour (hormones of labour and birth)

  • the natural anatomy of labour and birth, including a demonstration of how the baby descends through the pelvis

  • How to create a comfortable birthing environment (wherever you choose to have your baby)

  • Breath awareness and breathing techniques for first and second stages of labour

  • various positions for each stage of labour

  • positions and movements to help baby descend

  • How to rest & conserve energy between contractions

  • the concept of pain and natural pain relief options and ideas

  • active roles for partner / birth partner during labour - positive & practical ways to provide support

  • partner massage & when to use

  • how to use a robozo

  • Perineal massage and pelvic floor exercises

  • managing expectations - creating birthing wishes that are flexible and open to change  whatever your birth experience

  • the first moments and days with your new baby - getting to know each other and nurturing your baby

  HYPNOBIRTHING PROGRAMME-     This will cover

  • Introduction to hypnobirthing

  • How the mind works with the body

  • Powerful relaxation/ visualisation techniques and exercises to build confidence and release fear

  • Support on how to establish a daily/weekly practice in preparation for the birth

  • The Hypnobirthing book and relaxations CDs


There will be a break and refreshments and an opportunity  to chat to other parents-to-be.


The course includes the Hypnobirthing book, all scripts,  important handouts  and Victoria’s guided relaxations on MP3 x 3


A great course – very informative, hands on and I took a great deal from it.  Victoria explains things in a great way for a man to understand the birth process from a woman’s perspective.  I’ve found we do have a big part to play and can do a lot to help our partners through much of the process of giving birth. I’d encourage anyone to give this course a try, I guarantee you’ll take so much away from it.                                                                                                       Shaun Morton, Newcastle-Under-Lyme