What to expect in a Hot Hatha class?

Hatha Yoga in a very warm room

Meditation and Pranayama (breathing techniques)

Warm-up and physical practice

Deep relaxation


Also expect at the Yoga Tree-

Dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate teachers

Thoughtfully themed classes that focus on different aspects of the physical body and the subtle body

The philosophy of yoga weaved into the practice

Hands-on assists and adjustments if you wish

Music, essential oils


Is it suitable for me?

Hot Hatha yoga is suitable for everyone, unless you are pregnant or have a condition not suited to a hot room. It’s a steady pace and within the practice you can make it as gentle or as challenging as you wish, choosing the right variations for you



How will I feel after the practice?

Strong and flexible

Glowing and uplifted!

(Many yogis say they sleep deep after the class)


What should I wear?

Loose and comfy clothing

Bare feet

No need to bring water, just fully replenish after the class