Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

What to expect in an Ashtanga Vinyasa flow class?
A shortened version of the Primary Series with some Second series asanas thrown in to mix it up!

A dynamic, creative and challenging physical practice

The practice is a continuous flow, linking breath with movement to enjoy a deeply

meditative practice

Also expect at the Tree-

Dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate teachers

Thoughtfully themed classes that focus on different aspects of the physical and the subtle


The philosophy of yoga weaved into the practice
Deep relaxation with essential oils and sarvasana massage

Uplifting, soulful music

Is it suitable for me?

It’s helpful to a have a knowledge of the foundation postures and a good level of fitness

How will I feel after the practice?

Vinyasa strengthens the entire body, particularly the upper body and core! You will feel

stronger, strengthened, stretched, and balanced

What should I wear?
Loose and comfy clothing
Bare feet