Pregnancy Yoga



Pregnancy is one of the most life-changing and challenging experiences in a woman’s life. It is a time of great joy and elation and a time of great physical and emotional change. Yoga can support, ease and enhance this wonderful time. It is the perfect way to nurture and bond with your baby, to prepare for the birth and beyond.

Some of the many benefits : 

• Aids relaxation
• Creates a bond between mother and baby
• Enhances a healthy sleeping pattern
• Improves circulation
• Strengthens & lengthens the necessary muscles
• Relieves nausea
• Helps to open the pelvis to ease labour
• Provides techniques to relieve pain
• Balances and calms the mind
• Improves patience and tolerance levels


    Monday 6-7.30pm       

Tuesday  6-7:30pm  

      Wednesdays 6-7.30pm 

£50 – 5 week course

In the classes

You will learn essential breathing techniques to relax body, mind and to support through your labour. Each class will incorporate safe stretches and asanas and a chance to focus on particular areas in need of attention. You will also learn a variety of birthing positions to practice. Every class will end with a deep relaxation and meditation for your body and mind to rejuvenate. There is an opportunity to share experiences, chat with other mums-to-be and make new friends!

I had my first baby, Harvey, in 2010 and in preparation I practiced Yoga regularly. This gave me the confidence and self awareness to have a wonderful home/pool birth. I attended classes with Lucy Forsyth and featured in her Partner Yoga for Birth DVD.

I gave birth to my daughter Isla Belle in May 2013. I couldn’t have a home birth as lots of babies decided to be born that night! I went into hospital and experienced another empowering water birth, using the techniques of hypnobirthing.

I was honoured and privileged to be a birthing partner to a mother I met through my classes. After a difficult first birth with intervention, she chose to have a home/water birth. It was an extraordinary and enriching experience to support Bethan through her birth using the support of the Birthlight yoga principles.

My role is to offer you support, ideas and up-to-date information so that you can make informed birth wishes. I support everyone’s personal birthing choices without judgement.


The course is 5 consecutive classes and no refunds are given after the course commences.

Other Classes available : Childbirth Preparation and hypnobirthing for an Active Birth workshop