The Yoga Tree Studio, Glebe Farm, Liability Release Waiver

 A shared agreement to protect each other

I will not enter the Yoga Tree studio if I am:

  • displaying symptoms of Covid-19- fever, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, or dry cough or exhibiting any other symptoms relating to COVID-19 or any communicable disease within the last 14 days

  • I have not (nor any member of my household) been in contact with anyone in the last 14 days who may have Covid-19


 I agree to the following:


  • I will place my mat in the allocated area which will be 2m from other yogis, unless I am sat near the front of the class. The distance between teacher and 2 people at the front of the class configuration will be 1m plus. During breath work at the opening of the practice you will be required to sit at the back your mats. 

During the class when you all at the top of your mat, there may be times when you are not strictly 2 m apart. By signing this Liability Release Waiver you acknowledge this and agree to practice yoga in the studio at your own risk.


  • I will sanitise my hands before entering the building and after using the toilet


I will wipe down thoroughly any blocks I have used. (Buying your own is preferable)


  • I will clean the toilet seat and toilet handle with spray and wipe down, then wash my hands and spray and wipe down basin tap. I will apply hand sanitiser before opening the toilet door and switching off the light


  • Bring my own mat and blanket


Pregnancy and Baby Massage/Baby Yoga class clause:

  • I will cover any studio cushions and bolsters I use with my own blanket, I acknowledge and agree to the risk involved in using the items in this way


  • I will accept the bottle with oil inside for baby massage at my own risk




I am fully and personally responsible for my own safety and actions. I recognize that despite agreeing to all the above, I may still at risk of contracting COVID-19.

I will fulfil all of the above agreements to ensure my safety and protection and that of all others who teach and practice in the Yoga Tree building.


With full knowledge of the risks involved, I hereby release, waive, discharge The Yoga Tree studio and all of the teachers who teach at the studio from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, actions, and causes of action whatsoever, directly or indirectly arising out of or related to any loss, damage, injury, or death, that may be sustained by me related to COVID-19 while participating in any activity while in the Yoga Tree building that may lead to unintentional exposure or harm due to COVID-19.


By signing below I acknowledge that I have read the foregoing Liability Release Waiver and understand its contents; that I am at least eighteen (18) years old and fully competent to give my consent; That I have been sufficiently informed of the risks involved and give my voluntary consent in signing it as my own free act and deed; that I give my voluntary consent in signing this Liability Release Waiver as my own free act and deed with full intention to be bound by the same, and free from any inducement or representation.